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My services

I use my decade-long experience in working with neurodiverse youth and adults to help achieve the most beneficial outcomes in all of my evaluation and therapy services.

Autism Evaluations

  • Comprehensive autism evaluations for kids, teens, and young adults ages 18 months to 25 years old

  • Specialize in more complex presentations, such as those ages 10-25, females and those AFAB, and transgender and non-binary folks

  • Offer single-day evaluations for young children between the ages of 18 and 36 months (***this is currently on hold due to COVID-19)

Individual Therapy

  • Collaborative process frequently involving both the youth and parents (especially for younger kids)

  • Identify useful goals to improve quality of life and experiences in the home, school, & community settings

  • Use evidence-based interventions to target identified goals

  • Primarily utilize strengths-based CBT (cognitive-behavioral) therapeutic strategies to target goals

  • Also utilize other related interventions, such as Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) to target anxiety- and OCD-related behaviors and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Psychological Evaluations

  • Comprehensive evaluations for school-aged kids, teens, and young adults (ages 5 to 25) to assess for:

    • Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity (such as seen in ADHD)

    • Learning differences

    • Developmental delays

    • School challenges

    • Challenging behaviors

    • Mood & anxiety

Parent Coaching

  • Parenting neurodiverse children often requires a new and advanced parenting skillset

  • Parent coaching involves parent-only sessions used to improve overall parenting strategies for neurodiverse children

  • Identify specific parent and child goals to treat over 12 to 16 sessions

Post-Evaluation Support

  • Geared toward parents who recently completed an evaluation for their child as well as teens & young adults who recently completed an evaluation

  • Short term support (around 1 to 6 sessions) for parents who need some additional help in implementing the recommendations that were informed by the evaluation process or for teens & young adults to explore their neurodiversity

  • Option to learn how to use evidence-based strategies to target 1 to 2 goals

Testing for School Programming

  • Cognitive ("IQ") and achievement testing for school-programming purposes, such as private school enrollment and school placement

  • Includes brief report

  • Flat-rate testing services for school planning purposes

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