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Hello and welcome to my practice! I am a licensed psychologist in Washington State who specializes in working with children and adolescents across the neurodevelopmental spectrum. I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, an APA-accredited program. For the past ten years, I have focused my training on better understanding this full spectrum of neurodevelopmental differences, including advanced training in diagnosing and treating autism, ADHD, those on the fetal alcohol spectrum, learning differences, and co-occurring conditions, such as OCD, anxiety, and depression across childhood and adolescence. As opposed to pathologizing these differences, I instead use a neurodiversity affirming model to view them as natural variations in human neurology. I am LGBTQ+ affirming and have specialized training in diagnosing autism in females and older children and teens. I have trained and worked with experts in the field at sites such as Seattle Children's Autism Center, University of Washington, and University of New Mexico. I opened my practice in 2020 to serve families throughout Washington State. 

I understand that even in a pandemic (and perhaps especially due to these unique circumstances), your child may continue to need the services provided through a diagnostic evaluation, therapy, or testing for school programming. In order to best serve my clients during COVID-19, I am offering telehealth-based therapy, telehealth-based diagnostic evaluations, and hybrid telehealth/in-person diagnostic testing. Please view my Services and FAQs to learn more about these services and the precautions being taken to promote your health and safety.

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Below is a brief list of the services I offer. Please click here to find a complete list of the services I offer.

I provide psychodiagnostic evaluations for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental differences, including autism, ADHD, learning differences, disruptive behaviors, anxiety, and depression.

My support for you and your family doesn't end after the evaluation is completed. Many parents need some additional support in implementing the recommendations made as part of the evaluation process. This short-term service (1 to 6 sessions) can help you and your child get started on the right track to improve upon their goals. 

I work individually with school-aged kids and teens using evidence-based strategies. We will collaboratively identify treatment goals that aim toward improving your child's overall quality of life.

I offer cognitive and academic testing for school programming purposes, such as private school placement.

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